Life in a cabin baggage

Have I ever thought of leaving the place I love, leaving the people I love and leaving the life I have worked so hard on getting settled up. Why would I ever even think about it. Life has been kind to me, things have turned out to be pretty much in my favour. This is the place I call home. This is where I see myself getting old with all my beloved ones. But then I turn on the TV. I see all those news about thousands of refugees heading towards Germany and I ask myself, how they must have suffered in the place they once called home. I ask myself what sort of pain and helplessness motivates you to leave it all behind, forces you to start over again, with just nothing but the hope of a humanely life.

I once remember sitting in the train, on my way to my small university town and meeting them, an elderly couple. They spoke pretty good english. One could see and feel that they had had a good educational background and must have led a good life back in their hometown. But what I couldn’t see was what pain they must have hidden behind their wrinkles, their old and experienced hands and their cabin baggage they now called life. The women had a tired, almost lifeless and weary eyes, but the old man still managed to smile when our eyes sometimes met. At some point the telephone rang and I could see the tired eyes dazzeling and the women crying full of happiness. I couldn’t understand what made her so happy, but the phone call surely was a joyful event to her. I somehow began a conversation with them and they told me that they were relocating from Syria. The woman explained that she was so happy to hear that her son finally made it to Munich. This was in the year 2013. The old man and woman were from Syria. They were both professors back in their country and now all that they had was a cabin baggage and a weary smile.

I do ask myself if the privileged know how privileged they are to have the luxury of living a safe and free life. But then again the mere definition of being privileged is not caring about the problems of others, just because they are not yours.

#refugees #war #dosomething #privilege


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