How I belong to the poor generation internship

Remember me mentioning the fancy internships I did for my future career. Some of them were really lame, while others were so intense that I wished it would end soon, really soon. This one internship I did, in a pretty cool company made me feel like this. At first I was so excited about getting accepted for an internship. Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, getting an internship placement nowadays is a tough task. You have to go through some online assessments, a telephone interview, a real life interview and real life assessment center. Though you do not have to go through these procedure in every company, more and more companies are favorising these practices. You know, the world we live in has made us believe, the tougher something is to get, the more valuable it is. The rarer some placements are, the more you fancy them. Just imagine a diamond being an everyday good, accessible to everyone, no one would want it.

So, this capitalistic world we live in, has made it a thing to want things those are not easily accessible. Me being a very easy to manipulate kind of a person, remember the billboard add bringing me to buy all the hygenic products in the other post, I am indeed the posterchild of a youth in this new world, always wanting to go for the unicorns and being unhappy with the horses in my backyard. Meaning I love things those are rare, jobs those are rare, clothes those are individual/rare, having dreams those are rare and men those are rare. But what exactly does rare mean. When I speak about something rare, it is something which is one of a kind. I guess this is a kind of thinking of my generation that pushes employers, schools and products to set on branding promising to be rare, hard to get and thus desirable. I can give you an example of a job posting, which my generation, the “generation internship”, longs to apply for. You know the funny thing is, our parent’s generation had other things they considered as desirable, in the 60’s the rebellion, demonstrating for an idea, in the 50’s working hard for a stable and good future of their children. And what does our generation do, well we do fight for likes on facebook, followers on instagramm and as mentioned above to be a part of strange and fancy jobs, wanting us to be a super human.

The other day I looked at some job postings, I read one of these requirements wanted by a company. “An ideal candidate should be under 25 with a masters degree, must have done internships in one the big five consultancies, and other internships offcourse. He or she should ideally speak three different languages, have spent a semester abroad, ideally have a working experience in foreign countries. Ideally he or she can deal with programming, have knowledge of salesforce, workday or what so ever.. He or she should be a nice person too, meaning some voluntary experiences and ofcourse at least have a B++ or better. And excellent knowledge of all the microsoft office programmes is seen as a must.”

When I read those job postings, I just wonder, are there any of those super humans who really have all these qualities and are still under 25. How can this be, did they ever have a life or were they always busy getting their CV’s right. And then I stalk people on LinkedIn and nearly every 5th person seems to have done all of this. And then with more thoughts about the job postings and the lives of people on LinkedIn and Xing, I start wondering how great it might be if I could have one of their capabilities too. My thoughts get me a bit disappointed and I accept that I would perhaps never make up to all those requirements. I mean I am already 24. Just a year to become a super human is maybe not enough. Then I start getting this idea of wanting to be a part of this super human world. I get this urge to apply for one of those initimidating job postings, though I know this is going to bring me no where at all, I feel like I need to try. And I hear the gollum in my head saying “my precious, we wants it”.



5 thoughts on “How I belong to the poor generation internship

  1. libbyherz says:

    How many under 25 year olds can there be with those qualifications? It needs to be an extremely low percentage. Maybe people fabricate the truth on their resumes to seem more experienced then they are. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. You’re are definitely gonna get an awesome internship 🙂

  2. samlobos says:

    I’ve learned not to compare myself and my accomplishments, or lack of, to others. It doesn’t do anything but make you feel like crap. Plus, who’s timeline are you on anyway? Everyone is different and that’s what makes it interesting. Being happy is the most important and having all those “accomplishments” doesn’t guarantee it one bit.

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