How green practices and employee support can contribute to company success

With increasing fervor since the 1980s, sustainability has been the watchword of scientists, environmental activists, and indeed all those concerned about the complex, fragile systems on the sphere we inhabit. Hence, developing a sustainable concept that intends on having a competitive advantage should be the future aim of companies. Companies need to understand the consumers’ perception and the country culture in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. In doing this the focus on supporting the environment pays off well. Therefore it is necessary to work on ensuring responsible use of products, which are sustainable, have a low consumption of energy and a reasonable price.

The best way to achieve this goal, is to undertake measures in order to develop a holistic green concept, which includes the view that a green concept has to be considered as a whole, rather than looking at them solely. But we all know, the road to sustainability is not a bed of roses. Thus, a company has to set priorities for a long-term green solution. One way would be to adapt the ideas of circular economy, which advocates that the economy system has to be constructed on the base of material recycling. Ergo a sustainable company heads towards using sustainable sourced materials, which are recyclable or compostable. Additionally, developing a long-term zero waste vision with the aim to purchase waste from 100% sustainable and renewable resources might be the next reasonable move for a green future. Hoping to create a sustainable culture with sustainable souls is afterall the only way of owning a real green spirit.

Recycling might just be a small approach, but the real challenge, lies in really living the change. This means, being green in every path of our life. It is only through this kind of thinking that companies will not get characterized as a posterchild of greenwashing. So, if you understand this risk, you might even understand the need for a company to be innovative leaders of sustainable methods and to gain a more positive image.

On implying the most sustainable practices, the employers and the employees need to be partners in crime. The employees, know their hometown. And this is a very important information as this helps on creating cooperations with smaller and regional agricultural societies, which ultimately will have a positive side-effect of limiting environmental impacts of transportation for business operations. Employees can even contribute in transfering their company’s attempts of sustainabile living in their everyday life by, for example, initiating car sharing opportunities to their working place. Further with the water demand increasing, employees could consider taking simple measures to reduce their daily water consumption, for instance, by doing the dishes only when the dishwasher is completely full. These are just ideas of sustainable living, but with the help and support of both employees and employers there is much potential to turn the ideas into reality.

If a company succeeds in working together with their employees as a sustainable innovator, their products will not only be desired, but also be seen as desireable products that satisfy the needs of the customers to act environmentally conscious. I hope that this desireable goal will motivate new sustainablitiy innovators in working together on changing things. Only with joint forces everyone can fly into an endless sky where anything is possible. Afterall the pursuit of sustainability is rooted in optimism.

One thought on “How green practices and employee support can contribute to company success

  1. ankur says:

    In metros cities, life has become a race of being rich(never ending),and we are habituated of entertaining each and every luxury of life and not owning the things what other have is like something lacking in life or creating inferiority complex.I don’t understand we are for existence purpose, and for that the prizes of necessary things keep increasing, every year,.

    doing little efforts by very few people will not solve the sustainable purpose globally. so it must be made compulsory. or I wish let the world on the path of vanished and let it be created once again like new birth of earth.

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