Get rich or die trying

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned doing everything else but writing my thesis. My thesis and me just seem to be in a non functioning relationship. The harder you try to fix the issues, the more complicated they get. Now I have tried everything, reading horoscopes, distracting myself with tinder, chatting with people online and even starting a blog. But once there is a bug in the system, you really need an expert to get it fixed. And I surely have a bug in my system. My problem is my brain. It doesn’t really work the way I want it to. My brain forces me to either be utterly obsessed or be reluctantly uninterested. And when it comes to my thesis being uninterested gets a whole new meaning. If it’s not my thesis, what is it that would put me in a flow, give me the drive and steer up my hidden potentials. At the moment it’s my blog. You might get the idea of how boring my life must be at the moment, if a simple and small thing like my blog gets me heavily excited.

In the past few days I researched a lot about the era of influencers. This time we are living in, seems to have created a new throne for the people with an opinion. Opinion, though is a very tough thing to explain. My little brother has developed the opinion that he likes blue and girls like pink. When he was small I always tried to get him toys in all colours and I even encouraged him to choose the one’s in pink or red.

This went well for a while and then he went to Kindergarten, where he met other kids and the Kindergarten teachers, all with other opinions about colour and gender mainstreaming. So he collected all these information and built his own opinion about liking blue and leaving the pinks and reds to the girls. Once you have an opinion it’s really hard to get you off your beliefs. And the older you grow, the more you rely on your opinion. So, it really needs someone with charismatic features and a strong personality to convince you of other opinions. And this someone is normally an influencer.

I read some posts by some of the so called influencers and it really gave me new ideas of thinking. I think they even triggered the divergent thinking part of my brain. Due to this, I really couldn’t sleep the past few days. I had ideas striking my head every hour and I needed something to get my head focussed, so I started writing. I know I am not the born Jane Austen or Milan Kundera, but I like writing my ideas down. If I wouldn’t do that I would sit at home the whole day talking to myself, and in this way I can atleast share my thoughts with people, who will probably never get to know me. But I atleast share, and I like the idea of sharing.

I felt like an enterpreneur when I started my blog. I thought of inspiring so many people, giving them an insight to my soul and being somewhat like an influencer. But the thing is, I did not know where to start, what to write. I had no idea what actually caught the attention of people. Was it love, sex, fashion, failures, successes. Did people like colourful blogs with a lot of illustrations or did they want to see the faces of real people, real stories. If there is one thing I know, I mostly like colourful sites, which actually is a paradox because I mostly dress black. About me dressing black is a story, I will have to explain later, I think it has something to do with my time in Berlin, and the fashion influencers there preferring black. Well anyway, I ended up writing my first blog post, which was about love offcourse. I thought this was one interesting part of my life. I had recently installed the dating app, tinder, and well, voo, and cuddlr. I just wanted to make sure I got cupid’s help from all directions. But one way or another, I think I would have blogged about love sooner or later. For me it has somehow always been about love. Remember me describing myself as a pathetic dramaqueen in the other post, well this is very much true. Nervertheless, I decided to focus on three different types of blog content. I decided to write about my life, sustainable living and start a 10 Step thing. I recently happened to find out, through an article that people like lists. So I gave it a try and well that post about ten steps to avoid procrastination was by far the most successful one. It seems people do like lists. The funniest part though is, that I am here in Munich and the most of the likes I got on this post was from Vietnam and Thailand. They seem to like lists more than other countries. Though I am not sure, how many other countries in the world actually saw my post.

After having successfully launched my tiny little blogging company, consisting of only one employee who is working day and night without kowing, if she will ever get paid by anyone at all, without knowing if the blogging-start-up will ever succeed, I feel like a real enterpreneur. Working for the cause, for the dream, and working for free. Well, I do not really know, if this will make me a rich and successful woman like Jessica Alba, who recently appeared on the cover of the forbes for having built a billion dollar company or like Chiara Ferragni, who is most influencial fashion blogger of our time. I guess probably not! But I at least tried before dying..


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